Would you clad your house in decking?

For watchers of Grand Designs it is interesting to see how many cross over products there are now on the market that would have traditionally have had one sole use when originally conceived and manufactured.

One such group of products is known as polymer decking/manmade wood/recycled wood. Whilst the manufacturers are specific as to what they like to call their own product, the public are inclined to group the terminology. Originally designed and manufactured as a replacement for traditional timber decking, whatever term the modern equivalent is referred to as, its uses have moved beyond that of its original purpose. Pallets, edging strips, planters, storage boxes and pathways to name, but a few.

However, on a recent Grand Design’s episode such products were used as vertical “wooden” cladding on the outside of a property. Offering a variety of colours and behaving like real wood as far as cutting and application is concerned, the good products are low maintenance, don’t fade, don’t absorb water, don’t expand or contract, don’t twist or bow and keep their integrity throughout their life span.

As a business, we have supplied such products for cladding purposes as well as seeing them used as mock Tudor beams on the outside of a property. So don’t just think decking when looking at non timber wooden products, think beyond, for potential new applications.

If you would like to know more about the range of such products that are available or have thoughts and are unsure as to whether they are workable, or not, please do phone on or email

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