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Natural Stone Features

Stonemarket Vintage Manor Compass


Natural Stone Features

Stonemarket Truslate Circle with Corner Kit


Natural Stone Features

Stonemarket Truslate Mosaic Star


Natural Stone Features

Stonemarket Truslate Circle


Natural Stone Features

Gardens provide a wealth of opportunity to design and express yourself. A design can be personal, borrowed or completely unique. It is a way of putting your own, individual stamp on your garden.

Beyond a standard patio, or path, you may wish to incorporate something unusual to improve a corner, or break up larger areas of uniform paving.

Enhancements, such as arbours, sundials and water features can all draw the eye, but it is often a little bit of inspiration at ground level that can have the greatest impact. A Natural Stone Feature, placed in the right position, can enhance your garden in ways you may not have considered.

Natural Stone Features use a combination of sandstone, slate, marble, vintage and reclaimed stones to deliver an end design that is colourful and eye catching. The colours of the slate, marble and stone are all naturally occurring. No dyes are ever used.

The following pages offer a few of the most popular Natural Stone Features, but if you are looking for something different, please let us know and we will make enquiries on your behalf.

The Stonemarket Tortoiseshell Butterfly is always popular and is a stunning creation of coloured sandstone circled in Fieldland Second Ring Segments.

Such a work of art would sit beautifully as a centre piece, or be quite at home offset in a quiet corner with a seating area and shrubbery. Atmospheric lighting, which we can also help with, will offer night time enjoyment. The Stonemarket Tortoiseshell Butterfly is 1700mm in diameter and comprised of 44 pieces of stone.

The Stonemarket Emperor Dragonfly and Trunslate Circle offers an equally ornate and colourful design that can be inlaid amongst other paving, or used as a standalone area.

Corners of gardens can be difficult to dress, but with suitable planting and installing either the Trustone Fieldland Nautical Star, or Truslate Mosaic Star, a dull corner can easily become a real garden feature.

Natural stone paving provides an excellent foundation for any garden, but it is the final touch, the attention to detail, or a little bit of inspiration that turns a good garden into a stunning garden.