At PlanToPave we can assist you in creating your dream garden.

Our garden design consultation process enables us to work within your wishes and dreams and bring them to reality. Enabling you to achieve the perfect and most desirable garden that is both beautiful and practical.


Whether you wish for an Olde England look or a Japanese garden or an amalgamation of several plans, we help you choose the best layout for your budget. Assist in selecting plants for full year bloom and offer gardens with as much maintenance as your hobby desires.

Designing Your Garden Within Your Budget

The full garden design consultation will cover everything from initial garden concept, a tailored garden design by sketch and via computerised 3D software and a full site survey to suggest what is plausible and to ensure the final design will be perfect in every sense.

By sense, we mean senses. A garden should be visually encapsulating as well as a place to retreat and enjoy. The flowers and trees should offer the correct colour within the landscape and the scents accommodating and inviting while not being too over powering.

By designing your garden within our services you can be guaranteed that you won’t overspend on your budget. You can also effect a staged garden development by ensuring the landscaping is outlined and over time add various additional features when time and money constraints allow. This allows for avid gardeners to complete much of the planting themselves if landscaping was the only hurdle to be overcome.

Using Our Garden Designers

Managing space is important, a garden designer and one skilled in landscaping and plant installation and maintenance with years of experience can help you achieve the garden you can both manage and indulge in.

By using  a garden designer you can plan ahead the costs of your garden implementation. If you go direct to a landscaper without an effective design and critical plan, you can easily overspend and end up with a crowded garden or with plants not truly suitable for the envisaged space.

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Garden Design Consultation & Site Survey Proposal

The stages to note when enlisting our services are as follows. We offer the most comprehensive site survey and garden design consultation that not only follows your inspiration and dreams but adds a future to your garden concept to keep your external space a joy to visit no matter the season.

Our process will initially involve a design consultation where we will ensure full awareness of your dislikes and likes and offer our viewpoints on how your dream garden can be realised. From shrubbery to pot plants, over hanging branches to patio layouts, seating, lighting and seasonal plan to ensure you garden is attractive yet manageable all year round.

After the initial consultation we will evoke a site survey which will measure in depth your garden, taking into consideration current design effects you wish to remain in place, and record these with photographs, measurements and ensuring good drainage and a review of soil PH if necessary.

Once the garden survey is complete and your design wishes are understood, we will return with visual aids to assist in final design analysis. A fully imagined garden will be proffered using a computerised 3D garden design, which you can assist in changing live on site when we visit.

Planting Plan & Plant Supply

After which we can complete several garden sketches which will help in encapsulating what the garden will look like during each season. Taking into account the bloom of flowers and trees, ensuring out of season plants are matched by fresh blooming flora.

At the design stage we will ensure that we understand whether you are a garden hobbyist or simply wish to enjoy your external spaces without too much management. With that understood we can effect the correct placement of trees, shrubbery, garden borders, trees and potted plants.

With costing in mind, we can suggest that you plant all year round and replant bulbs yourself as an interested gardener or suggest plant types which will bloom annually without much additional help.

Drainage and watering will also be important during all seasons. If you’re not one to hose or water can your garden for hours on end we will offer a detailed plan of hydroponics to alleviate the hassle of plant watering.

Garden Lighting & Additional Design Services

Often a garden design consultation can simply focus on the layout which any landscaper will fully understand. However at additional cost we can not only source the right landscaper for your garden project but also full specifications and measurements and plant types required.

We can handle the tender process, supply any required construction drawings and dimensional positions to ensure the exact placement of paving slabs, borders, trees and plant bloom. Ensuring overhanging branches don’t collide with existing features, fencing and the full view of planting, water features and statues can be enjoyed to the fullest.

It is also important to consider the evenings you spend in your garden. Whether you wish for a garden pod, shed or summer house, a lighting plan can assist in showing off your garden’s delights at the dark of night also, perfect for those evening soirées.

Managing The Garden Build And Plant Maintenance Thereafter

Lastly, we are only ever a call away. We are just as passionate about your garden as you are. It is important to us that your garden’s dreams are met not only in the present but the future also.

We are on hand to advise on continual garden maintenance, resupply of plants and shrubbery and assist in further development of your garden paradise. Choosing ‘our website’ not only ensures a full and dedicated garden design consultation but a lasting relationship with guidance over time.




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