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Natural Yorkstone

Stonemarket Yorkstone Cromwell – £127.44/m2


Natural Yorkstone

Stonemarket – Yorkstone Scoutmoor – £127.66/m2


Natural Yorkstone Products

Natural Yorkstone Flags and paving slabs have been used to pave our towns and cities for years.

Renowned for being durable, these products are quarried from the Pennines and the north of England. Yorkstone has an enduring beauty that will enhance any garden.

PlanToPave offers two types of Natural Yorkstone. The first is the Cromwell flags. A natural cream buff with shades either side, it tends to contain streams of feint and dark veins. Formed over millions of years, this hard wearing stone will outlast generations. Today, it is a sought after material that offers any structure an elegant surround.

Scoutmoor paving slabs provide a quality blue grey Yorkstone flag.

Project packs are available in 9 metre lengths with a standard 38mm thickness throughout. If you are seeking a robust garden flooring that will weather slowly in the UK climate, then Natural Yorkstone is the solution worth paying for.