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Natural Slate Paving

Both natural flags and concrete paving are primarily designed for external use.

Slate is different. Used on roofs and in gardens the world over, Slate is hard wearing, but feels great underfoot. It keeps cool in high temperatures, which is one of the main reasons it is used as a roofing material alongside its ability to withstand water and the elements.

Slate is versatile. As well as roofs and patios it is equally at home inside a property being laid as a floor in a kitchen, hallway or conservatory. When fitted internally, a protective coating can be applied to keep the slate in good order and free from chips and other marks from every day usage. Many people opt for a slate conservatory floor with it leading out directly to the garden.

The slate products featured can be used in many ways – to line walls, top walls to break the monotony of continuous brickwork tops, they can be polished and used as outdoor seating, coves can be covered, flooring, and much more…

Natural slate comes in a variety of colours and can be sourced from all over the world. PlanToPave offers two quality products – Slate Black and Slate Copper.

With the black and bluish hues, these natural slates are perfect for both indoor and outdoor living. They are attractive with a smooth surface, sawn edges and varying colours.

Slate Black and Slate Copper are both available in project packs which cover an area of approximately fifteen square metres. Other sizes are available upon request. The slate thickness is between 18mm and 22mm, plenty strong enough to deal with day to day living.