Welcome to the product page of PlanToPave. Here you will find a range of categorised products that can be delivered direct to your door. If you are looking for something that is not included within these pages, please do contact and we will make enquiries on your behalf.

Garden makeovers take place for different reasons. Perhaps you have just moved into a property and are looking to place your own stamp on your new garden. Maybe you have lived with the same garden for a number of years and fancy a change or perhaps circumstances dictate that a low maintenance, user friendly space is now required. Whatever the reason, with a PlanToPave design and a browse through our product range there is sure to be something to meet your needs.

Garden products come in many different forms and the accompanying pages breakdown possible purchases into different categories.

Within our listings we have sourced a variety of flagstones from the UK and across the globe. Natural Yorkstone flagstones from the Pennines, Natural Sandstone Paving and features from India, chippings from Cumbria and Concrete Paving and features in a wide variety of colours and shades will match any garden project.

Different styles and finishes are on offer. Natural Antique Sandstone Paving provides your garden with new and vivid flagstones, but with a weathered look. They offer a longer lasting feature than any reclaimed stone possibly could.

Concrete Paving, by contrast, is a very different. Uniform in colour, size and texture.

Concrete flagstones, Natural Stone Paving and features come in a Project Packs, with set sizes and designs. The Catherine Wheels or Mosaic Kois have a preset number of stones for exact size projects. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide range of Concrete Paving and Concrete Features encompassing many different designs and sizes of flagstones to form your own personalised layout.

Whether you choose the refined Natural Yorkstone, or the more colourful Natural Indian Sandstone Paving, the patterning, shade and size of the stone can all be individually selected by you.

Natural Slate Paving can bring paving inside your home. Ideal for conservatories, kitchens and hallways these flags can easily run from inside your house to the garden offering that seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Coming in two colours of Slate Black and Slate Copper they are bound to impress.

Often patios and paths can only be extended so far before a garden requires segmenting. Separate borders, bedding or water features with Decorative Stone. Coming in different sizes and shades, Decorative Stone not only helps create a better design, but also aids keeping weeds at bay.

Finally, for new lawns and old, and to keep your garden healthy, choose a Soil or Mulch. Using enriched mulches, your flowers and plants will root faster and access the nutrients they need to offer beauty and food all year round.